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Glamour of Midnight – Casey L. Bond

Nineteen-year-old Karis has been blind since birth, but for some reason, she can see through the wall of smoke that separates the human lands from those of the Faeries that rule in grand courts on the other side. Most of the time, the only thing she can see on the other side of the wall is the swipe of a tail or the trailing of a bony hand along the surface. But one day, a handsome faerie appears and sweeps her away into his world—a world that is being ravaged by an evil so dark and deadly, she fears she may never see her home again.
Loftin is a bounty hunter and he has been searching for Karis since she went missing from the Court of Ash. He needs to return her and collect the ransom. But the longer they travel together and the more he teaches her about what she is now able to see, the more difficult he finds the thought of letting her go. A fiery passion ignites between them, but with a monster tracking their every move, they must find a way to reach the Court of Ash before it kills them both. 

I’d like to thank Lady Amber Tours for sending me an e-arc of this book also for contacting me because I read the other two books, (Riches To Rags and Savage Beauty) which I am so glad for because I almost missed the sign up for this and that would have been a shame because this book was absolutely amazing! I have no faults with this book so we might as well call this a gush.

To start with the writing was amazing, it is very easy to read, her writing is very magical it immerses you in the story. You get lost in the story and it is honestly perfect. I love the plot it was so different and it brought a whole new spin on the Snow White fairytale that we all know and love. It also brings Fae in and I always like when Casey L. Bond plays around with Fae because I haven’t read many good fae books, I mean I’ve read Sarah J Maas and that’s about it! So I love reading more fae books!

The plot twists in this book I did not see coming, just when I thought I had everything figured out, bam something else would happen that would just throw me. I loved not being able to tell where this story was going, it kept me on the edge of my seat. It was a brilliant plot. I loved it.

Karis was a very interesting character and I did love her, although she believes she is blind at the start of the novel she soon realises she isn’t and was glamoured. How she navigates when she doesn’t have her sight it is amazing, I always love reading about characters who do not have sight because I find it so interesting. Like I’m so intrigued how they know things, I’m amazed by it. Anyway, she is really funny and although at times I thought she was too trusting it turns out she knew she what she was doing. I also loved that despite the fact she found out about Loftin she was still willing to protect him from the vampires.  I loved Karis and her kindness. She was so curious and extremely perceptive for someone who could not see. I loved how she transformed from a shy, meek girl to a powerful, fierce woman. She was truly the heart and soul of the story, and of the fae world, and had that “Snow White” effect on everything she touched, enchanting everyone around her.

Loftin if we were ever meant to see him as an enemy character turned good, it didn’t work because from the moment we were in his point of view it didn’t feel like that at all. Unless we were meant to see him as always good then it worked because I did. Despite him having to do the bounty work from of the Queen it still didn’t feel like he was evil and he wasn’t. I loved his character that after getting to know her he couldn’t lead her back to the Queen, and was trying to protect her from the moment he saw her. I loved the protectiveness. It was cute. Also the fact he was willing to fight anything that came their way.

I loved Iric we don’t see much of him this book because he’s missing but the parts we got to see him. I loved his friendship with Karis and that he from the moment he met her just took her on as a friend and allowed her to live with him. It was so great to see them as friends and how protective of her he was due to her blindness. He was such a great character.

I loved everything about this novel and it did not disappoint at all! I can’t wait to read more of her fairytale retellings! 

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