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Boss: The Men of Monroe Enterprises – Scarlett Ross

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They have an empire to protect.

She has a score to settle.

All’s fair in love and war, right?

I’m just their novelty. A toy they like to wind up and play with at their discretion. They think I’m just here to be their assistant. But I came to be so much more. Who could have counted on my body and heart being my biggest oppositions here? The men of Monroe Enterprises are maddening but they are getting to me in ways I never considered. Can I keep it together to do what I came to do?
Because I’ve got an agenda. I want them all to kneel to me. The boss will be me.

She’s just a toy. Trash we want to sweep out and we all four agree we want her gone. But we all agree we want her nonetheless. An employee, we can summon her when we need anything. And we mean anything, we’re the bosses. Our agenda is clear, no matter how sweet her bark and bite are.

She picked the wrong men to challenge. Things are about to get fiery on the 38th floor.

Who says business and pleasure can’t mix?

Who says there can only be one boss?

Intended only for audiences 18 and over. This is a reverse harem bully romance where all characters are over 21 and takes place in the corporate world. You can consider this a slow burn but don’t think you won’t feel the heat. Contains explicit language and four mouthwatering men who aren’t afraid to use their sexual prowess as power. Also contains a hard-core, foul mouthed FMC who means business on and off the boardroom desk. All sexual contact is consensual.

I’d like to thank Savannah Richey PA for sending me an e-arc of this book, it is very much appreciated. The description very much drew me to this book and I read this in one sitting. I have very mixed feelings when it comes to this book, I really enjoyed the writing and the story. I struggled with the characters.

I really couldn’t connect with Ainslee through, I’m not sure why but I really struggled to connect with her character. Don’t get me wrong by the end of the story I was invested by her story. Especially the lovely cliffhanger we’ve been left on which I very much wasn’t expecting.

Merrick, PJ, Evan and Jamison I feel like throughout the book you couldn’t really get a take on them, they were so hot and cold all the time that it was hard to get to know their personalities. Other than being described as hot. But you know they’re also bullies. Being that this a bullying, reverse harem story I kind of expected their to be bullying, but I feel like these men went to a whole new level with the game they were playing. They were major assholes and I didn’t really see any redeeming qualities unless I’m going to be proved wrong in the next book. I really didn’t like them that much, they all tried to be sweet at one point. But then you remember that it was just all fake which kind of makes it even worse.

Alright there wasn’t much reverse harem in this book so unless it’s going to become apparent in the other books. I don’t really feel this should said as such, compared to most harem books that is.

Chelsea literally had no personality and the same with Coleen I think it was. They just seemed like assholes all the way through. I feel like especially the side characters they weren’t very fleshed out and just there to cause drama. Which I didn’t like.

I will be reading the next book that comes out because you know I’m invested in how this is going to end. I really struggled with the characters but the plot was good and the writing was good and I can’t wait to see what Scarlett Ross comes out with next.

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