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Three Irish Brothers – Sienna Blake

I used to think I was one of the lucky ones.
But at twenty-six, I’ve left my life in New York behind—my perfect fiancé, my stylish friends, my high-flying marketing career—and moved to Ireland.
Truthfully, my perfect fiancé is now my ex after I walked in on him face-deep in my best friend’s p***y.
And my career? It’s over. Because that cheating ex-fiancé of mine… he owns the company I worked for.
I know. I know. Don’t screw your boss. Trust me, I’m never making that mistake again.
On my way to the remote Irish farm I’m now working on, my car hits a ditch. I’m rescued by the three sexiest men I’ve everseen.
The three Irish O’Callaghan brothers.
Broad shoulders, strong arms, accents that make me wet just to hear them.
I want them. All of them.
I know they all want me.
Plot twist…
Turns out they’re my new bosses.
Warning: This is a sexy yet emotional reverse harem romance, a full-length, standalone novel at 50k words. Three sexy Irish brothers who want nothing more than to please their special woman. All at the same time.
Sienna’s Quick & Dirty series consists of full-length standalone novels which are hotter, dirtier and quicker than her other novels.

I’d like to thank Terrie and Sienna for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated! This is not the first book of Sienna’s I’ve read a few from her Irish Kiss series and her Dark Romeo trilogy, I have loved each of them. I love her writing, she has such lovely writing that I can connect with her characters and writing not only normally but on an emotional level too! Her writing just hits me in the feels all the time and this story was of course no different.

When we first meet Savannah she thinks she has the perfect life, and I am kind of glad when it goes to tits up from there. I did enjoy how she made complete character progress and she changes into a nice person. I loved her character in the end. I also loved how strong minded she is.

I fell in love with Killian, Fionn and Aiden, all three of them different and I loved each of them. Broody, bossy Killian, the fun-loving Fionn and the kind-hearted Aiden. It was nice for all three of them to be different. I totally understood why Savannah couldn’t choose between these three men because wow I wouldn’t have either. They were so sweet and I just loved all three of those brothers and how they managed to be together with Savannah. I also loved when Aiden started talking again and then he manages to tell his brothers why he stopped. I just loved it. The brothers were beautiful hard working men. I love the fact she connected to all 3 brothers for different reasons it was so cute!

The sex was written amazingly well! You can totally imagine what they are doing to her and how they are all feeling during the sex. It was written very well!

I loved how their little foursome was normalised by the end of it, not by the community they lived in, but they were accepted by the community who have the same idea about relationships and they managed to save their farm on top of that so I loved it.

I really didn’t like Emer she was a proper dickhead, I mean we wasn’t meant to like her but she was just so needy and what she did in the end, she was just a twat and I didn’t like the way she went around to try and hurt Fionn.

I loved the book. It was such amazing writing, characters and plots. I love it all so much!

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