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Royally Screwed – Sienna Blake

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Prince Grayson.
Heir to the British throne.
Sexiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on.
For some strange reason, he wants me.
I can see the red-hot lust flaring in his eyes when I near. Can feel the thick, long evidence of it when he presses up against me.
And I want him. I want him so bad it hurts.
One week.
No strings.
Just unbridled, wild passion with a future king.
Except he has one condition.
One that has me thinking I might be in over my head…
He won’t give me what I want unless his two bodyguards join in.
***Warning: This is a sexy-as-sin, reverse harem romance. Can you handle three huge alpha men focused on her pleasure and taking it all the way?

So I’d like to thank Terrie and Sienna for sending me an e-arc of this! So I read Royally Screwed which is part of the Royal and Reckless collection featuring numerous other authors. I am really looking forward to this collection and actually already have it pre-ordered. So I was lucky enough to get my hands on Royally Screwed and hot damn it was amazing. This had such great writing, I’ve always loved Sienna Blake’s writing. I do have to say for such a short story I was surprised I loved it because usually, I struggle with short stories.

I loved Sophia’s character, she was funny, strong, independent and deep down a lovely romantic at heart. I loved Grayson he was an interesting character at first I couldn’t understand his whole deal with the two bodyguards there as well and as the story went on it kind of explained itself. I loved how their relationship built and went from sex into a relationship. And when he came back to her after something happened (trying to not spoil) it was so cute, my heart literally melted. I loved it!

So the sex was amazingly written, it was so hot. The way that Grayson, Chase and Nicolai, the way they took charge in the bedroom although when it came down to it they were all controlled by Grayson. I also liked how all three of the men were different with her. It was really good. I also loved how Grayson began to get jealous when Chase and Nicolai were with her.

The book also made me laugh at the end of the book Sophia makes a joke to Grayson about Chase and Nicolai joining them and his reaction is funny. I loved it. Such an amazing short story! I’d highly recommend.

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