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Slayer – Winter Travers

From Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Winter Travers comes the 8th installment in the Fallen Lords MC series.

An unexpected guest on the steps of the clubhouse turns Slayer’s world upside down. Scrambling to make sense of everything and adjusting to a life he never expected has Slayer asking for help from the last person he thought could ever help him.


Can the feisty woman be the one to help him, or will she realize Slayer and the new woman in his life is too much to deal with?

So I’d like to thank Enticing Journey book promotions for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. If you don’t know I am obsessed with The Fallen Lords MC and have read each of the books twice. So it starts with Nickel, Pipe, Maniac, Wrecker, Boink, Clash and Freak So you can bet your chickens that I dived straight into this book as soon the arc hit my kindle. I was not disappointed.

I loved this book, it threw a curve ball and damn I was living for it. Finding out Slayer has a daughter is a shock to everyone except Adley who seems to have all the answers Slayer needed. I do that between all of this Nickel manages to get enjoyment of Slayer finding out he’s a dad. I must say when Adley is dropped at the clubhouse I can’t believe her auntie just let her with a bunch of guys at an MC house like hello you don’t even know this guy you’re leaving your niece with.

Wendy and Slayer have been dancing ever since Freak’s book when he was forced to watch over her and damn the dance they’ve been doing has been hilarious. Especially when they refuse to call each other the right name and I love that even as they get comfortable with each other the game continues until when they do finally call each other’s the right now it’s so bloody cute.

I love that Wrecker just accepts everything that happens now, especially when Wendy calls God her Homie. Wrecker doesn’t even question it especially when he’s with Alice and all the weird shit that comes from her. Also I cannot wait for the Wrecker and Alice baby to come.

I live for the humour between everyone. I just like the bond they all have with each other and you can tell that they accept each other and respect each other. Alice, Carnie and Wendy are so adorable with Adley.

The proposal was beautiful. It was definetely a them kind of thing and I love that Adley was so excited for them both and was just so happy for her dad and Wendy.

So a mother fucking twist in her was Brinks going missing but that wasn’t it. The fact that Brinks and Cora had been fucking and nobody in the clubhouse didn’t know! Like girl was not expecting that it slapped me right in the face but honestly I kind of think I’m going to love their book when it’s out. Their book has been set up so brilliantly. Also can’t believe Jenkins drove an SVU into the clubhouse like what a lunatic.

My thoughts when I finished this book ended along the lines of “holy shit. Omg. I need Brinks now.” I mean even now I’m still with that statement. I cannot wait for the next book. Wendy and Slayer were perfect and I loved their book and I also loved Adley.

5 stars

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