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Freak – Winter Travers

Freak has watched his brothers fall for the women they love time and time again and is more than familiar with the signs of a man about to hand over his heart.
When Carnie comes tumbling into the clubhouse asking for help, all it takes is a bat of her innocent stare and sassy tongue for Freak to know what is about to happen. But when he finds out how old she is, he hesitates to stake his claim. As a Fallen Lord through and through, he will make sure to protect her even though he’s promised himself not to touch her.
Can Carnie convince Freak age is just a number, or is he on a one way track out of her life?

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. If you have followed this blog for a while you will know that I went down a hole when reading these books and got myself heavily addicted.  I have read NickelPipeManiac, Wrecker and Boink and Clash from this series and loved each and every one of them.

Carnie was so sassy! I was not expecting how sassy she was, she was on fire at all times. When her man was in trouble damn did that girl go psycho when she found out. I loved Carnie for a 20 year old she was so mature and I loved it.

Freak. I loved Freak from the moment we saw him in these books and this book just reinforced my love for him even more. He knew from the moment he was looking after Carnie that he was going to fall in love with her. Freak had a real issue about Carnie only being 20 when he found out and I loved that he was trying to be sensitive but he was so making an issue out of it when it was not needed. Either way I loved it.

The connection between Carnie and Freak was amazing, I loved their chemistry from the moment they met to the end of this book. I liked how their relationship played out. The sex was written really well too.

So we were right into the craziness with these girls! It was so nice to be back in this world and with the girl gang who was as crazy as ever. Especially having pregnant Alice and Wren! Within moments of starting this books I was killing myself laughing. Especially when they were in church at the start and Boink got threatened by his woman and basically we learnt that deep down all the men are scared of the women.

There was so many amazing moments in this book that just was amazing. To start with Carnie’s mum walking in on church! Carnie hitting wrecker! That’s only some of the moments. Not only did we have the girl Gang with their banter, the MC brothers were hilarious and so much banter between them which I loved.

I am excited for Slayer, he is a mysterious one! The ending of the book gave me major needing Slayer’s book especially with him and Wendy and then a child appearing on his doorstep! It’s just I need the next book!

I fell in love with this book and you know I obviously love all these characters or I wouldn’t be reading the series still.

5 stars

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