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Clash – Winter Travers

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Raven‘s secrets have shaped the woman she is; solitary and closed off. After being let down by the one person that should have always been there, Raven has built her wall up so high, nobody could possibly scale them. She takes care of herself. She has her own back. She might live surrounded by her brother’s club, the Fallen Lords MC, but the family and brotherhood they preach is a load of crap and she isn’t buying any of it.


Babysitting his president’s baby sister isn’t a hardship. Keeping Raven safe from the Ultra isn’t a problem for a man like Clash either. Keeping her from being destroyed by her inner demons is what threatens to bring him to his knees. When truths come to light and clash with reality, Clash is determined to be the one Raven can count on. Even if she refuses to admit it’s what she needs.

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. I have read NickelPipeManiacWrecker and Boink from this series and loved each and every one of them.

Raven is interesting, she’s immediately on the defensive which makes me feel so bad for her. Raven’s backstory, oh gosh my heart broke when she revealed it (don’t want to say to much because of spoilers). A lot of her habits finally made sense for her. I feel like a huge part of Raven wants to blend into the girl group gang but another part of her is deathly afraid.

I love Clash I also love how on edge he is about Raven and her escaping. Wow I also must admit what a man to sit in the Salon and wait for Raven! I love that Clash is defending Raven and although he doesn’t want to piss of Wrecker he’s willing to defend her. I really like that he’s loyal to both Raven and the clubhouse.

These two are going to make the most interesting couple ever and their dynamic is so interesting. I can so tell the moment it changed between them. I loved their relationship. Another thing I also loved is Clash actually had parents, in the past books they’ve been non-existent and dead so it was a nice surprise seeing them in this but also that we got to see them.

Oh my god when they are all together it is fucking hilarious! Can’t stop laughing! I love the boys and the girls in this. The way Wren and Alice reveal their pregnant is honestly perfect the whole scene made me laugh especially because they were all laughing about Alice having to buy a new tail.

I really enjoyed the plot, characters and story. I also cannot wait for the next book! Like it has got me wanting it already! I don’t know if I love or hate the little cliffhanger for the next book but either way I need it.

5 stars

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