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Boink – Winter Travers

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Letting his president’s sister get kidnapped was not Boink’s finest hour as a member of the Fallen Lords MC. Now it’s time to pay the price protecting the very woman who distracted him from his job in the first place.

Mayra needed a safe place to land and the Fallen Lords clubhouse was the perfect solution, until her past puts everyone in danger. Her only option is to leave with a man she swears can’t stand her.

This time Boink won’t fail protecting what is his. Whatever is coming for Mayra will have to go through him and the Fallen Lords first. 

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey for sending me a copy of this book it is very much appreciated it is in preparation for the release of the latest book in the series. I read NickelPipeManiac and Wrecker.

Mayra was a very interesting character I love how all the girls manage to have some kind of fight in them when it comes to the men.

Boink I had to admit the origin for his road name is hilarious.

I feel like Mayra and Boink are going to have an interesting dynamic between them. And boy was I right I loved how their relationship developed to eventually being in love and being together. I really liked them both as a couple

OOOOO things got intense fast!! And things stayed bloody intense!!

We got to see some of the other girls in this but not as much as in earlier novels I will say this just gets me more invested for Raven’s book which is the next one.

I also love how much Wrecker complains about so many females being in the clubhouse and then totally gives into Alice about the girls having their own meeting place. I love the light hearted moments in this book it’s really what makes them all being together and that they all take the piss out of each other being pussy whipped.

I really enjoyed the plot of having the mafia introduced it made things he’ll of interesting. I really enjoyed the plot, characters and story!

5 stars

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