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Scrap – Cate C. Wells

❝He did ten years for me. Now he’s free. This is supposed to be happy ever after, so why does it feel like disaster?
Scrap Allanbach is a living legend to the Steel Bones MC. A vigilante hero. Ten years ago, he gave up his freedom for me. I never asked him to. Now he’s back, with some idea about how it’s gonna be. He’s wrong. Things are different now. I’m not the same girl he knew. After what happened, I’ll never be that person again. Not with the baggage I carry and the secrets I keep.
I’ve waited ten years to make Crista Holt mine. I came back expecting to claim the girl I fell in love with, but that girl is gone. I hardly recognize the woman in front of me now. She thinks I’ll give up, walk away, but I’m not that kind of man. She’s been mine since the moment I laid eyes on her, and I don’t give up what’s mine. All I need is time, and she’ll see how it is.
But when the past rises up and old enemies ride again, we’re out of time, and it might not be ghosts from the past that destroy our future. It might be the secrets between us.❞

🚨Scrap is a 58,000-word motorcycle club romance. It’s the third book in the Steel Bones Motorcycle Club series, but it takes place at the same time as Nickel’s Story, and it can be read out of order. This novel is intended for adult readers (18+) due to violence, triggers, strong language, and explicit intimate scenes.
WARNING: This novel contains details of a violent crime against a character in her teens.
Standalone. Safe. HEA.🚨

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. I had never heard of this author but the description drew me to this book and oh my god I am so glad I clicked to review this book because I went through a range of emotions reading this and my heart is all over the place. One thing is for sure is that I will be reading more from this author.

Christa I really liked her, from the moment we meet her you can tell that she has got walls up and for good reason. What she went through was absolutely horrendous I liked how the author revealed that to us as readers and it was little bits at the time throughout the story and I really liked that. Although every time we learnt about about what happened it felt soul destroying.

Scrap, I love him. From the moment we see him in this book, damn man is described as juicy, well also insanely hot. I really liked his character and what he did for Christa. I was glad that he didn’t hold any resentment towards her and in fact all he wanted was Christa. I was glad that he didn’t want to give up on her and he was just wanting to purse her.

I really liked their relationship it was completely raw between them and their relationship felt totally real working together on the trauma that she went through and finally working through it to be able to live again rather than just existing. They were so perfect together, I love that they could reminisce about when he used to pick her up from school and that they both did like each other back then.

I have a new favourite quote from this book:

He doesn’t guard anything but his food dish”

Christa says this talking about her dog Frances and oh my good, mood. My dog is the exact same I don’t think she’d guard anything but her food bowl. I really liked the dog being in the book and that she was using it partly to help her with her issues but as company too.

I really enjoyed the writing of this book I will definetely be reading more of Cate C. Wells’ books because I really enjoyed this, it was nicely written. This book destroyed me and gave me all the feels and I really cannot wait to dive into this world again.

4 stars

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