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The Naturals – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Name: Cassie Hobbes
Age: 17

Skill: Profiler
Status: Recruited

Cassie Hobbes is joining The Naturals: a secret FBI programme for exceptionally talented teenagers. 

But when a new serial killer strikes close to the Naturals HQ, Cassie starts to learn all about the mortal danger – outside the classroom. 

Caught in a lethal game of cat and mouse, Cassie and her friends will have to use all their skills just to stay alive… 

All in a day’s work for The Naturals.

Like does that not sound like the most interesting thing ever?! Like if you love Criminal Minds I have no doubt that you will love this book. It’s so amazing and Oh my god I think I’m in the gushing stage right now! Either way, who cares, I am going to gush about this book. No spoilers will be said though because you need to read this. If you haven’t read this don’t read my review it’s much better if you read it without knowing anything before going in. That said still read my review.

Cassie, I love her character just her personality as a whole and then her whole profiler mind it was just so interesting to be in a mind like that, where something could come that easy and could be used to help people and that’s exactly what Cassie uses it for. Even with the trauma of losing her mother she still tries to help people and do the right thing. Her relationship with her family is very rocky in some respects and they all try to take care of her and include her but she doesn’t always feel included and that is understandable.

Dean, he was brilliant he is one of the other profilers at this programme and at first he is cold hearted and very distant. As we find out more about his character and the real reason why he was recruited to this programme, as a reader and from Cassie’s point of view everything becomes a lot more understanding and we see why. We know why he tried to warn her not to do and in his own way tried to protect her as much as possible and he did. I liked their connection it was something different and something the other characters did not see coming. It was a very good connection and the way they worked together it was like both of them had connected. They did share a kiss which was totally cute.

Michael, he is the first person from the programme who actually interacts with Cassie and she manages to read him to some extent and for the first part of the book it becomes a back and forwards between them both. Which becomes a little game for them and it’s cute, we don’t get to see these two working together as much but we do see them kiss like 2 times in this book. I like his character there is a part in the book I was like no it’s not him. Then it’s like false alarm bro. False alarm. We do see his protective side come out when Cassie is in danger and that is sweet.

Lia, she’s dodgy, I didn’t like her very much I understood that she wanted to protect Dean and keep Cassie from discovering her secrets but the way she acted was just so bitchy and I hated it. She was good with her part of being in this programme although irritating.

Sloane, oh my god she is so funny. There is part in this book where she takes something from Agent Locke and her reply just makes me laugh, I feel like she’s there to add a little bit of comic relief but she is also very present in the programme. I loved the character and she was definitely one of my favourites.

Agent Locke, I can’t say much about this. I really can’t. Just she an asshole.

Agent Briggs, he seems very dodgy at first but then we find out that it’s not actually dodgy at all. He is just trying to protect all the people in The Naturals programme and we see this more and more as Cassie is getting in danger and I think it’s really sweet that although he wants the programme to work he is not willing to risk their lives to get it working which I think is awesome.

I loved this book it was perfect, I want to go into so much more detail about the twists and turns but I do think you should read this for yourself and rather not know a huge lot about the plot and stuff because it really does ruin it all.

I also really loved how the author incorporated second point of view into this book it was so interesting it added so much more to the story and I loved it so much.

5 stars

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