All About Me

I figured a good first post would be me introducing myself and my blog.

Hello there! My name is Samantha Jayne Grubey. I am 23 years old. I am currently a Nursery Nurse. I have a BA Joint honours in Media Studies and Theatre Studies. I have a black Labrador called Missy and she is 4.

So this is a new beginning for me I have had this blog for about 4 years but I decided I needed a change and set up a new blog site and this is it. I’ve done some rebranding on my site and basically I’m going to start from scratch with the new one.

So the name ABookHaven the name came from one of my favourite books A Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks I love that book and then was born ABookHaven. The name really stuck with me so I decided that would be the name of my blog. My first blog didn’t start as ABookHaven it was actually just my name, so the blog name came a little later on around the time I wanted to separate my writing and my reading. So I figured as I was heading in a new direction with ABookHaven it deserved a brand new shiny site to go with it.

On this blog I’ll be posting monthly wrap ups, doing tags and some book discussions. Basically I’ll be talking about everything to do with books.

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